Advantages and Disadvantages about working online

Advantages of working from home

  • Be more relaxed – because no one is controlling them as they are usually their own boss;
  • Be more organized – because they have to plan their everyday in order to finish everything on time;
  • Have more time for their family and children as they don’t need to spend time on travelling and preparing to work;
  • Save more money on commuting, office clothes, parking tickets, etc.;
  • Be more smiley because they don’t have to deal with angry customers or annoying coworkers;
  • save on start up costs, as you do not need premises
  • save time that would be spent on looking for suitable property
  • avoid becoming tied into long tenancy agreements
  • arrange work around family commitments
  • get help from family – for example they may help you with filing or general administration tasks
  • avoid the noise and distractions of the workplace

Disadvantages of working from home

  • Worsen contact with your friends from work;
  • Feel more isolated and lonely than before, because you will be only limited to the people you live with – which means no interactions with people from the outside world;
  • Struggle with organizing and accomplishing everything only by yourself – there will be no one around to help you or push you to take an action;
  • Have some health issues because of limited time spending outdoor and sitting/laying position most of the time when working.


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